Fixing Our Boat Post-reef Disa [...]
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Fixing Our Boat Post-reef Disaster! Episode 256


Location: Lombok
Latitude: -8.65000000
Longitude: 116.32000000
Published: 5 Apr 2024

Our poor sailboat sustained some damage when a squall blew us onto a reef. Repairing Trade Runner meant hauling the boat out of the water and in Indonesia this can be fraught with danger as the facilities are a bit sketchy. It wouldn't be till the boat was on land before I would fully know what the damage is and how I would go about fixing it.
When I sailed Trade Runner from Australia to Indonesia I made sure to pack lots of things like Epoxy, Fibreglass matting, anti fouling paint plus all the tools needed to apply it. Then it comes down to wether or I feel competent enough to do all the work myself.
With Marie needing to watch over Eli most of the day it meant figuring out ways and methods of completing the tasks alone. Learning By Doing at its finest.

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