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Lithium Battery Installation (Learning By Doing Ep185)


Location: Townsville
Latitude: -19.26000000
Longitude: 146.82000000
Published: 10 Jul 2022 Discount code: VERNON5
New Lithium power getting installed today. iTech, a family owned company from Perth sent me a couple of 200amp lithium batteries and one of their dc-dc chargers and together with Albert, a local sparky we got the job done. My old AGM batteries had been slowly getting worse and we'd had to really keep an eye on power usage so these new batteries came at the right time. The installation took only a few hours and everything worked out first time. After a few weeks now all I can say is Mega! We've just had 6 days in a row with rain, grey skies and cold temps, almost no solar charge coming in and we still had 37% left! Pretty awesome and now we really dont even need to keep an eye on our power usage.
A big thanks to iTECH.

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