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Offshore Sailing legend and Rocna inventor Peter Smith.


Location: Australia
Latitude: -25.27000000
Longitude: 133.78000000
Published: 3 Feb 2024

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Sailing is this mans passion and Sailing is what he's done, a lot of it! Peter Smith has sailed over 350,000 miles in the boat he designed and built himself. For a lot of these miles he has been sailing in the high latitude regions, in the ice, ferocious winds and difficult anchorages. This led him to want the best anchor possible and after trying everything on the market he just designed his own. This anchor, the Rocna is now regarded as one of the worlds leading anchors.
I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Peter aboard Kiwi Roa, his 52ft Aluminium sailing boat and hear some of his story.
Enjoy this interview.

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