Slim & Soph's Boat Tour. (Lear [...]
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Slim & Soph's Boat Tour. (Learning By Doing Ep186)


Location: Whitsundays
Latitude: -20.06000000
Longitude: 148.88000000
Published: 23 Jul 2022

Visit these guys to see my boat improvements. @SlimSophSailingNakama

This week its a bit of a different video. I want to introduce you to some fellow YouTubers and well, friends of mine. Slim & Soph are to young Uni students, living and sailing around Australia on their small boat. After lots of back and forth we finally met up at lovely Magnetic Island. As we'd both been on the hard-stand fixing our boats at the same time we thought it would be interesting to show our respective boat improvements on each others channels. So to see the work I did you'll have to go on over to their channel(

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