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The Millionaire Castaway on Restoration Island. Learning By Doing Ep244


Location: Queensland
Latitude: -22.58000000
Longitude: 144.08000000
Published: 24 Oct 2023

#sailing #drone #castaway
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Being a castaway on a tropical island sounds pretty romantic right? Well Dave and his partner at the time cast themselves away on Restoration Island, in the far north of Australia. Dave had just lost all his money in a stock market crash and just wanted to get away from the rat race. It seems to have worked for him as 30 years later he's still there. Now over 80 he feels better than ever.
We sailed to "Resto Island" and spent a few days there enjoying the magical surroundings. Dave was generous enough to sit down with me for a couple of hours and answer some questions. Enjoy the chat here.
Also in the video an update from Marie in France, she shows some new Tee-shirt designs in our Merch shop and I announce the winner of the Insta360 competition.
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