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How to PROPERLY TENSION YOUR RIGGING on a catamaran - Episode 142


Location: Linton Bay Marina
Latitude: 9.61000000
Longitude: -79.58000000
Published: 6 Feb 2022

In this episode we get a professional rigger and surveyor to guide us through the process of tensioning our rig after repairing the broken bulkheads on our Lagoon 450 catamaran. He advises us that the worst possible thing to do on a catamaran is to over tension the rig, as the results are catastrophic, as we have seen many times before on other multihulls, and may even have contributed slightly towards the failure of our bulkheads, however seeing as hundreds of other lagoon 450's have broken bulkheads, it appears that the underlying issue is deeper than just the rigging...

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SV Parlay is a hurricane damaged Lagoon 450 catamaran, which Colin rebuilt with friends and has started sailing around the world. They found bulkhead damage on their catamaran in Panama, so have fixed her up, and are almost ready to cross the Pacific Ocean!!

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