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The CRAZIEST place I have EVER TAKEN MY BOAT! - (Episode 239)


Location: Makatea
Latitude: -15.85000000
Longitude: -148.25000000
Published: 17 Dec 2023

In this episode we sail from the Tuamotu islands to Makatea island, which only has 3 mooring balls outside of it. All of them were taken but the local guide says that we can tie up to the dinghy dock. I calculate that we will have 1 foot of clearance between us and the reef, but it turns out to be a very bad idea to enter, and is hands down the craziest place I have taken my boat...

SV Parlay is a hurricane damaged Lagoon 450 catamaran, which Colin rebuilt with friends and has started sailing around the world. We found bulkhead damage on their catamaran in Panama, so have fixed her up, and are now sailing across the Pacific Ocean!!

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