An unexpected surprise - Dolph [...]
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Owner: Sailing PILAR - Blue Dot Voyages

An unexpected surprise - Dolphin Strand Feeding in Kiawah-Seabrook Island while in our dinghy. EP28


Location: Seabrook Island
Latitude: 32.58000000
Longitude: -80.17000000
Published: 17 Jun 2019

Just happened to catch this yesterday with granddaughter Bea. In South Creek, off North Edisto River, Seabrook-Kiawah Island, SC near Charleston, SC. Amazing Dolphin Strand Feeding.

Strand feeding, so-called because the prey fish are stranded on the shore, occurs along the East Coast only in South Carolina and Georgia, and has been reported in just a few other places around the world.

Underwater, small groups of between two and six dolphins - sometimes more - herd fish tightly together into a "bait ball." Then, forming a line, the dolphins accelerate to create a bow wave that forces their prey onto shore as they, close behind, surge out of the water in unison.

Just another adventure on S/V Pilar -