LIVING AT SEA on a Sailboat (A [...]
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LIVING AT SEA on a Sailboat (A Day in the Life)


Location: Coromandel
Latitude: -36.76000000
Longitude: 175.50000000
Published: 22 Apr 2021

LIVING AT SEA on a Sailboat (A Day in the Life) | S01E10 Sailing Pivo

In this video, we attempt to capture what the typical day in the life of a sailboat cruising couple is like. This is really hard to do as no two days are the same when you live on a sailboat! This lack of monotony is one of the most attractive aspects of this lifestyle and one that we value deeply. Life tends to go too fast no matter what you do but when you live on a boat, you can squeeze more memories out of the day to day activities than you would otherwise. Isn't that what the sailing / cruising life is all about? Exchanging comfort, money, and things for memories and experiences?

In this episode, we go through our normal routine from our morning coffee and breakfast to how we get exercise at sea all the way to some of the common tasks and chores we have to do while living aboard a sailboat. Living on a boat is a very rewarding experience though it is not without its challenges. Even simply everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning are made to be more complicated when living on a sailboat.

Being a full-time liveaboard sailor definitely keeps us on our toes and forces us to be flexible and go with the flow. For us, this challenge is exactly why we love this lifestyle. It forces us to grow and learn in ways we never anticipated. There is something awesome about learning how to live completely off the grid and be self-sustaining.

It was a roughly six hour sail to Coromandel once we got our rigging sorted. We found a very beautiful, protected, and secluded anchorage just outside the Coromandel Harbor. This was one of the most picturesque anchorages we have ever been to: surrounded by steep cliffs, beautiful forests, and quiet beaches.

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We March Together - Patrick Patrikios
Rewind - Ofshine
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0:05 Waking up on a Sailboat!
1:17 New Zealand Sailing!
2:23 Coffee on a Sailboat!
3:20 Cooking on a Sailboat. Preparing food at sea.
4:55 Breakfast at anchor.
5:50 Exercise at sea
6:58 Taking our dog to shore
7:58 New Zealand nature. Remote Island.
9:36 Why we sail. Beautiful anchorage.
9:55 Full Sail! New Zealand sailing.
10:18 Scrubbing the bottom of the boat.
11:53 Spearfishing in New Zealand. Rob Allen Spear gun.
12:43 Lothlorien Port Wine Fijoa with Manuka Honey
13:50 New Zealand Sunset

Come join my wife, dog, and I as we learn to sail and have new sailor experiences on our New Zealand made Whiting 40. We are a brand new sailing couple, and have fallen in love with the sport. Many sailing lessons have been learned so far as we learn how to become sailors. Our first mate, Pivo, keeps us out of trouble and is also learning along the way.

We are starting our voyage in New Zealand where we have been living for the last 4 years. But we are going zero to cruising because we're from the mountains of Colorado and have zero experience! Our first sail was with the sailing school, Great Escape, up in Opua, New Zealand (home the 2021 America's Cup). We hope our lessons from a beginner sailor will help you also as we set out on a multi-year sailing adventure around the world.

We are a fulltime sailing / cruising family. We love the sailing lifestyle so much! We love traveling, meeting new people, and seeing the world. We hope you come along for the adventure!
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To our friends in Ukraine, Присоединяйтесь к нам в нашем морском приключении! #парусник

Fair winds & calm seas,
Danielle, Conor, & Pivo
SV Satori

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