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Owner: Sailing Rattler - Diving KissCCR - Sam McD

Brothers Is Yacht Race 2023 - Rascal Racing


Location: Cook Strait
Latitude: -41.39000000
Longitude: 174.52000000
Published: 16 Dec 2023

Footage from the 2023 Brothers Islands Yacht Race in Wellington NZ, run by the Royal Port Nic Yacht Club, aboard a modified Elliot 10.5 called Rascal.

The race starts in Wellington Harbor, crosses the Cook Straight, rounds the Brothers Islands and returns to Wellignton for the finish.

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Book The Rental Wit It - RAGE
Cielo - Huma-Huma
Dance Of The Gypsies - Hanu Dixit
Not Too Cray - Huma-Huma