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Owner: Sailing Rattler - Diving KissCCR - Sam McD

CCR Bailout - KISS Rebreather - Wreck dive, at night!! - Full video


Location: Bay Of Islands
Latitude: -35.22000000
Longitude: 174.15000000
Published: 17 Oct 2022

This is a the full unedited version of the dive my buddy and I made in May 2021 where I had a dizzy epesode on my KISS Spirit Rebreather, and bailed out, only to find I had nothing to breath. This was inside a wreck, at night just to add to the fun. Filmed from my buddies viewpoint.

For a run down on the problem and an interview with Dive Current's Steve Luchon, check out his channel - Steve Luchon:

This took place on the Wreck of the HMZNS Canterbury in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Below are some of the key events in the dive that contributed to the problem:

00:00 - Start of the dive
11:57 - On off slider catches on the door and turns off
12:00 - Lap of the steering gear room
18:30 - Enter the engine room
19:02 - I put my head down a bit to rub a carving on a stone clean
19:27 - Good shot of the stone on top of the gearboxes
20:04 - I start feeling dizzy and turn around to signal by buddy
20-21 mins - I switch my bailout valve to open circuit, but find there is nothing to breath
20:49 - you can hear me sort the problem and take my first breath
21:50 - I wave my light and thumb the dive (my buddy still doesnt realise I've bailed out yet)
22:28 - I ask my buddy to open my Over Pressure Valve (so i dont have to worry about loop volume during ascent/deco)
25:33 - I finally remember to switch my computers to BO. You can see my deco time jump up a bit
26:30 - I pick up our staged bottle and start the ascent
28:00 - Shoot an SMB
39:09 - I finally run my Bailout tank dry (down to about 10 Bar) and switch to the stage bottle for the last few minutes.

**I have to say a huge apology for becoming extreamly handsy with the wreck after this incident. Im generally very concious not to touch the wreck as much as possible, but my mind just wasnt focusing on much other then getting to the surface. I hope no jewel anemones were harmed in the making of this video!