Castles, Refugees & Artillery [...]
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Owner: Sailing Salacia Star

Castles, Refugees & Artillery Fire [Ep 32] Sailing Salacia Star


Location: Turkey
Latitude: 38.96000000
Longitude: 35.24000000
Published: 6 May 2020

Never a dull moment.
From beautiful ancient Castles, to seeing people fleeing their country in hope for a better life and finding ourselves in military practice zones.




What happens to most of us when our kids have families, careers & children of their own?

It can feel lonely, left out & down right depressing just going through our daily routines & catching any spare time the kids would have for us.

Well, we decided to do something about that, we set off on a journey around Australia in our RV until karma had other plans.

Our lives took a different direction after this, which allowed us to grab a lifetime dream that we didn’t think was ever possible but in reality, it was.

Please join two boomers as we embark on our new chapter & how we manage life & family from our MacIntosh 47’ sailboat heading home to Australia.