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Epic Sailboat PARTS YARD! Checking Out The Lynden, WA Sailboat Wrecking Yard | Ep. 39 |


Location: Lynden
Latitude: 48.94000000
Longitude: -122.45000000
Published: 16 Sep 2023

In this quick one, Kat and I make a visit to the Sailboat Wrecking Yard located in Lynden, WA near Bellingham, and just south of Vancouver, BC.

This place is incredible! Countless items are well organized into several trailers and throughout the yard. Anything you could possibly need for your sailboat is here, from cabinetry, to sails, to blocks and winches, and so much more. This place is also super useful if you are building out a camper van or tiny home.

Jeff and the crew here take in old condemned sailboats and take all the useful bits off them for resale, which funds the cycle of removing abandoned boats from the environment while saving perfectly useful parts from being sent to the landfill.

Here is the Sailboat Wrecking Yard website: http://sailboatwreckingyard.com/