Mexico Bound! Hiking CATALINA [...]
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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Mexico Bound! Hiking CATALINA Island & SAILING To San Diego


Location: Santa Catalina Island
Latitude: 33.39000000
Longitude: -118.42000000
Published: 7 Apr 2024

Ahoy and welcome back to Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde! After arriving to Catalina Island in the dark in the last episode, we awake and start to explore our new surroundings. We are thrilled by the lack of people and abundance of trails and roads to hike in the adjacent mountains, so we decide to stay awhile. Kat loves trail running, and Trevor somewhat reluctantly agrees to join her. Running around the ridges, we find we have the place to ourselves!

After an enjoyable stay, a good weather window presents itself for the 80 mile crossing to San Diego, so we head off late in the afternoon with the aim of arriving mid-day in the big city. Well, best laid plans are doomed to fail, and the wind doesn't cooperate most the night, but the usual dolphins and amazing sunsets keep our spirits up.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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