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OFFSHORE GALE in the OPEN PACIFIC- Sailing PNW to San Francisco: Part 2


Location: Mendocino
Latitude: 39.31000000
Longitude: -123.80000000
Published: 26 Jan 2024

We’ve been really excited to at long last release this one! In this video, a gale hits us that was not forecast to occur on our route when we left. Very often there is a gale blowing off of Cape Mendocino to about 100 nautical mile out to sea. It is for this reason that we stayed well clear of the area, but weather models change, and upon learning of the change in the forecast while 130 miles from land, it is too late to run for cover.

So with no where to run, we head into three days of very stressful rough sailing. At first, the seas were moderate, though very choppy, but after 24 hours of a steady 35 knots blowing, things really start to stack up. On the morning of the third day of the gale, a wonderful lull in the wind occurs, making us think we’ve outrun the worst of it, but moments later, things get completely wild as the winds ramp up to sustained 40-45 knots. The seas grow accordingly, and we hold on as we smash through a very rough day. That evening, the wind finally lets up, leaving us to negotiate the enormous sea state that was still throwing countless breakers at us.

As expected, the next morning we our under full canvas again as we make the finally 30 miles in to safe harbour at Drake Bay, California.

Thank you to Kevin for the additional footage in this episode!

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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