Sailing Into MEXICO! San Diego [...]
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Sailing Into MEXICO! San Diego to Ensenada


Location: San Diego
Latitude: 32.72000000
Longitude: -117.16000000
Published: 12 Apr 2024

At last, we sail into Mexico!

In this one, we continue our sail from Catalina Island to San Diego. Once in San Diego, we restock on food that might be hard to find in Mexico, and take care of lots of little tasks around the boat. With dusk approaching and another long sail ahead, we shove off the dock and depart for Ensenada. The sail is a mixed bag, but we get there in time to start the check-in procedures.

The expensive moorage fees in Ensenada have us making our stop there quick, and just 26 hours after arriving, we sail off into the night and onto peaceful wild anchorages that await.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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