Sailing OFFSHORE to San Franci [...]
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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Sailing OFFSHORE to San Francisco | Part 3: Under The GOLDEN GATES!


Location: San Francisco
Latitude: 37.77000000
Longitude: -122.42000000
Published: 2 Feb 2024

In this one, we complete our journey from the PNW to the San Francisco Bay by sailing under one of the most iconic landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge! After a solid nights rest, we depart from Drakes Bay under delightfully mellow conditions. Right as the sun is getting ready to set, the wind pipes up beautifully so we can finish the journey with some serious style: wing on wing under the Golden Gate Bridge! We spend the night in Sausalito, then hop across to Aquatic Park and downtown San Francisco. This episode wraps up with some thoughts from Kat about her experience during the trip so far.

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