Ep. 72 The Wynns, The Fuglies [...]
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Ep. 72 The Wynns, The Fuglies and We Leave MdR | SV Cordelia


Location: Sicily
Latitude: 37.60000000
Longitude: 14.02000000
Published: 29 Apr 2022

YAY! We’ve left Marina di Ragusa but not before we end up doing a number of last minute jobs. We wash lines and sheets (ropes) with a new cleaner that we’ve been introduced to, repair the automatic bilge, sort a black tank problem, carry out maintenance on the winches and Steve shows me how he turned a manual winch into an electric winch for £54!

We have made some wonderful friends during our time in MdR, some who we may see this summer and some we may see in an anchorage in the Caribbean. Marina life is not so bad when there is a community as MdR has.

Having spent the last 6 weeks in the marina with the strongest wind and the forecast telling us there were easterlies due, we finally leave the marina heading for Sardinia. 2hours after we leave the wind dropped and we had to motor. We’re not moaning though, we are out and on our way west and looking forward to exploring new places, meeting new people and creating new memories.

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