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TROUBLE IN PARADISE 😳 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 393


Location: The Sea of Cortez
Latitude: 26.23000000
Longitude: -111.04000000
Published: 9 Dec 2022

This week's episode pretty much sums up boat life: Highs and lows in beautiful places, broken stuff, and unforgettable magic moments all mixed in between! We run into some tricky problems with the generator, which we depend on quite a bit these days for things like making water and running the AC for Sierra's afternoon naps when temps hit about 100 degrees inside the boat. After a bit of trouble shooting I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, but with no access to the replacement parts I had to get a little creative with the solution...I think a lot of you that enjoy the maintenance/repairs/technical stuff will find this one super interesting!

We also do our first night dive in YEARS on the Fang Ming which you saw us dive in last week's episode with the frisky turtle. Night dives have always been a favorite of ours, but doing it on a wreck is an incredibly rare treat. Ship wrecks already have such a feeling of mystery and eeriness even during the day time, so when you add in the element of darkness and tunnel vision, it's a seriously amazing experience.

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