Ep. 95 - Back to the Boat (Bi [...]
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Owner: S/V Full Send

Ep. 95 - Back to the Boat (Big Announcement)


Location: Tahiti
Latitude: -17.65000000
Longitude: -149.43000000
Published: 15 Jun 2022

After leaving Full Send in Taravao, Tahiti, October - March, for storm season, we head back to Full Send after spending time in Colombia, Panama, and the US of A. We find the boat full of mold, a few roaches, and leaks from our boat watcher not closing the hatches properly. (We are sticking to our guns that we closed them all prior to leaving). So we get to work cleaning the boat spick-and-span. We then have a pretty big announcement to make important to all our viewers.... we are selling the boat 😞

Link to Yacht ad: https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/2002-bavaria-40-8323941/

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