The last stretch for Rob's par [...]
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The last stretch for Rob's parents after a summer in France - Episode 42


Location: Netherlands
Latitude: 52.13000000
Longitude: 5.29000000
Published: 5 Dec 2021

The last stretch for Rob's parents after a summer in France. Rob travels with his parents on their motoryacht from Gorinchem to Leiderdorp on their last leg of their summer holiday. Crossing canals where Sirius is not very likely to sail.
They pass Noah's Arc, a burned down church and some beautifull windmills along the way.

A video of the church in his present state:

More detailed information about the mills in this video. (If you click the GB flag underneeth the picture on the right of the page, the tekst will appear in English):



Achthovense molen:



MUSIC in this episode:
Near Her - Constance Calling
Pieces Of My Heart - Bothnia
Sun Melt Waves - Oman
The Story Of Us - Amaranth Cove

We are Rob and Jouke and together with our cat Tijger we sail the beautiful waters of the Netherlands.
We visit beautifull places and tell you all about the history and other interesting things.
Dispite the fact that we have no tropical climate in Holland, it is still very beautiful.

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