We cross a bridge and 2 locks [...]
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We cross a bridge and 2 locks to get to Willemstad - Episode 31


Location: Zierikzee
Latitude: 51.65000000
Longitude: 3.92000000
Published: 15 Aug 2021

In this episode we leave Zierikzee to go to Willemstad. We have to cross a bridge and two locks to get there.

The Zeeland Bridge (Dutch: Zeelandbrug) is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge spans the Eastern Scheldt estuary. It connects the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland in the province of Zeeland.
The Zeeland Bridge was built between 1963 and 1965. It was inaugurated on 15 December 1965 by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and was originally called Eastern Scheldt Bridge (Dutch: Oosterscheldebrug) before being renamed the Zealand Bridge on 13 April 1967.
At the time of its completion, it was the longest bridge in Europe. It has a total length of 5,022 metres, and consists of 48 spans of 95 metres, 2 spans of 72.5 metres and a movable bridge with a width of 40 metres.
The province of Zeeland borrowed the money for the construction of the bridge. The loan was repaid by levying tolls for the first 24 years.

Music in this episode:
Changing Tides - Daniel Kaede
We're Gonna Be Okay - Cody Francis
Beauty In The Mundane - Bird Of Figment

We are Rob and Jouke and together with our cat Tijger we sail the beautiful waters of the Netherlands.
We visit beautifull places and tell you all about the history and other interesting things.
Dispite the fact that we have no tropical climate in Holland, it is still very beautiful.

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