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10 Discoveries After Living Aboard For 6 Months - Plus, A Day In The Life At The Marina


Location: Kemah
Latitude: 29.54000000
Longitude: -95.02000000
Published: 6 Dec 2020

Life on the sailboat has definitely been different. Now, after living on a sailboat for 6 months we thought we'd share 10 discoveries - lessons learned after living on a sailboat. Plus, we're sharing a day in the life at the marina...it's not what we thought it was going to be!

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In 2019, Matt quit his public education career of 15 years, and went full-time building his own business. Olivia is living a normal life, and so am I...for now.

Together, we're seeking to live life on our terms - to explore our world. Join us as we take this journey into the unknown, and share some laughs along the way.

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