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Race Against Hurricane Season in the West Coast of Florida (e.84) | ⛵ The Foster Journey


Location: Cayo Costa
Latitude: 26.67000000
Longitude: -82.25000000
Published: 22 Aug 2021

We left Galveston too late during hurricane season and now it's a race to safety along the west coast of Florida - Sarasota, Cayo Costa, San Carlos Bay, St Charles Yacht Club - just us and our sailboat trying to move fast and still enjoy the moments. But then, there's Hurricane Elsa aiming straight for us!

Hope you enjoy,
SV Cadence

00:00 Caught in a Thunderstorm
01:00 Heading to Sarasota, FL
02:30 Shrimp Scampi & Potato Soup
03:50 Sailing to Englewood, FL
05:35 Snorkeling in Cayo Costa
09:50 Enjoying a Sail to Sanibel Island (San Carlos Bay)
13:50 To St. Charles Harbor
16:00 Prepared for the Hurricane

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We're the Fosters, and we just sold our house , purchased a sailboat, Cadence, a Catalina 387, and sailed away from land. We're on a journey to minimize our life, learn to live on a sailboat, and travel the oceans.

In 2019, Matt quit his public education career of 15 years, and went full-time building his own business. Olivia is ready to explore the world, and so am I...and now, we're on a mission to Maine!

We're sharing this journey with you in hopes that it'll bring you a smile, provide something helpful, and maybe give a bit of inspiration to live life on your terms - to explore your world.

Join us as we take this journey into the unknown, and share some laughs along the way.

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