We Caught a MASSIVE MARLIN whi [...]
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We Caught a MASSIVE MARLIN while FISHING in Cabo San Lucas


Location: Cabo San Lucas
Latitude: 22.89000000
Longitude: -109.92000000
Published: 7 Feb 2023

After 2 weeks of remote sailing, coming into Cabo San Lucas was overwhelming to say the least. But with a few days to kill while we wait for our next crew, we took advantage of an opportunity to go fishing for Marlin on a friend's boat who happens to be in town.

We then head out on our next passage with our friend, Mox. Find his work on instagram: @downtofilm or on his website: https://www.zacharymoxley.com/

Find the film, Resilience, he directed about Tyler here: https://vimeo.com/737725079/88fd560553/
Find Emmett's video about their sail/ski adventure in Norway here:

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