Are we moving TOO FAST? Sailin [...]
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Are we moving TOO FAST? Sailing our tiny sailboat back into Spain | Chasing Currents EP 27


Location: Ayamonte
Latitude: 37.21000000
Longitude: -7.40000000
Published: 12 Nov 2021

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WORLDWIDE- Join us as we have a beautiful sail into Ayamonte! Though our plans changed a little, and everything is all over the place - the excitement and adventure is a big part of why we love this lifestyle! Thank you all so so much for watching and supporting :) Jade and Brynn xx

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Song list:
00.00 - E_S Wait till the summer - Origo Moon
00.41 - E_S What are you waiting for - Tellow, Sarah Lindholm
02.42 - E_S Coming closer - Sven Lindvall, Daniel fridell, Zorro
04.09 - E_S I wish that I was a mad man - Staffan Carlen
07.00 - E_S Carry on - Kadant