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GETTING READY TO LEAVE | New Forestay | Epoxying the keel | New Battery install | Ep 10


Location: Southsea
Latitude: 50.78000000
Longitude: -1.09000000
Published: 18 Jun 2021

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WORLDWIDE- Antifouling and epoxying our keel, installing our new batteries and a new forestay. These are our last few boat jobs before we set sail on our biggest voyage so far!

After being hauled out, we noticed that our keel was in need of some TLC. We first ground back some parts to the bare metal, before treating it for rust using a rust converter. We then applied two coats of 2 part epoxy primer, followed by an undercoat primer- before giving the whole hull a few coats of Hempel Tiger Xtra. We actually won an Instagram competition with Vision Marine, the prize being all this antifouling stuff, which was so lucky!!

Check them out here -

We also gave the top side some due care, with a cut buff and polish- thanks to Dan's help! (Brynn's brother in law)

You may have also seen in a previous video, we noticed our mast wobbling at the base whilst anchored in 30knt winds. We followed this up by getting the rigging checked, and it turned out we needed a new forestay. A big thank you to Racetec rigging for doing this for us, as they were able to come out to do the job with in a week of giving them a call.

RaceTec Rigging -

Last but definitely not least, we also managed to wire in our new batteries. This was a tough job in a tight space, but has made such a difference by more than doubling our original house bank.

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