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How much does it cost us to sail each year? – 1 of many questions we answer in Q & A Part 2–S2 Ep49


Location: Manly
Latitude: -27.45000000
Longitude: 153.18000000
Published: 2 Sep 2022

After a number of comments on our Dreamtime Sail social media, we invited people to send us the questions they would like answered about our sailing, live aboard lifestyle, boat and any other aspect of cruising. In this Part Two video we begin answering those questions about insurance, filming for YouTube, what Patreon and Ko-Fi are, whether a freezer is essential on a yacht, whether we prefer sailing in the Mediterranean or Australia, what our favourite destinations are, Fraser Island anchorages, having me time apart on a boat, safety equipment, pros & cons of boat life, who we’d like to sail around the world with, Karen’s art, where we plan to sail next and the big one, how much does it cost to sail per year. We hope you’ll find our Q & A interesting.

If you have any other questions for us please pop them into the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them

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All music in this episode is by Epidemic Sound.

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Insurance for International sailing?
04:28 Filming for YouTube?
08:19 How does Patreon, Ko-fi work?
13:42 How much freezer space do we have and is it needed?
16:00 Do we prefer sailing Australia or the Mediterranean?
17:58 What is our favourite destination?
21:55 Where would we like to sail most?
23:53 Favourite anchorages on K'Gari (Fraser Island)
25:40 How do we have time apart on the boat?
27:20 What is our most important safety equipment?
31:27 What are the pros & cons of living aboard?
33:41 If you could have ANY 3 crew members who would they be?
37:20 Karen is an artist. Does she paint on board?
38:59 Where are you sailing to next?
43:08 How much per year does it cost to cruise fulltime?

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Gary's Anchorage
Wathumba Ck - Moon Point

All in this episode is by Epidemic Sound.

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