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Rainman Portable Watermaker Demo/Review after 3 Years use. How we make fresh drinking water on boat


Location: Lombok
Latitude: -8.65000000
Longitude: 116.32000000
Published: 26 Jan 2024

This video shows the very simple steps to set up and operate a Rainman Portable Watermaker to produce pure, fresh, drinking water from the sea onboard a boat via reverse osmosis. It’s also our honest, totally unsponsored, review of the system after using it on Our Dreamtime for the past three years, long enough to really know the product. We discuss an initial problem we had with the unit and the company’s response plus the availability of spares and service. We also test the units rate of production and compare it against the advertised figures and, finally, we give you our verdict on whether we think the Rainman option is a thumbs up or down.

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