Sailing along the Mosquito Coa [...]
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Sailing along the Mosquito Coast In Panama Ep 132


Location: Panama
Latitude: 8.54000000
Longitude: -80.78000000
Published: 18 Dec 2022

#sailing #panama #amel #boatlife #boatyard #marina #boatrepair
We did not meet the friendliest of people in this episode. Linton Bay was a little bit strange and after a wild ride through the "Tunnel of Love", we found another odd boatyard in the middle of the jungle, known as "Panamarina".
With very little to keep us here we rapidly moved onto the entrance to Panama Canal and the marina known as Shelter Bay which is located just near to the Breakwater and the only one on this side of the canal.
We had a whole load of batteries, chargers and controllers delivered here .
Getting jobs done was not so simple or affordable on our budget so we cancelled all jobs and made a quick visit to Panama City to collect Grandad .

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