Boat Life: Welcome to Lobster [...]
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Owner: Navika Sailing

Boat Life: Welcome to Lobster Island 🦞 (Barbuda) | Ep. 65


Location: Barbuda
Latitude: 17.63000000
Longitude: -61.77000000
Published: 23 Oct 2022

Aloha, welcome back! In this video, we set sail from Antigua and make our way North to its sister island Barbuda. We're so surprised when we get there to find it's basically just one big beach! But we have it all to ourselves and swim ashore for an explore. We then have a squally sail down towards Cocoa bay, which is less remote but still beautiful. We check out the local bar there, Shack-a-kai and become regulars whilst we're there. We go back for the freshest lobster we've ever had and then sail on towards Spanish Point - another idyllic and completely secluded bay just off the Atlantic coast. Hope you enjoy experiencing it with us!

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Hello! We're Alex and Lars. We've been living aboard our 37 foot sailboat, Navika for 2.5 years and are sailing full time. We started our journey in the South of France, and sailed around the Mediterranean for 2 years before sailing across the Atlantic at the beginning of 2022. Now we're in the Caribbean and who knows where the wind will blow us to next! Follow along as we document the highs and lows of our life on the water and share the incredible places we get to visit.