The JEWEL of the SOUTH ATLANTI [...]
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Owner: Outside Watch - SV Skylark

The JEWEL of the SOUTH ATLANTIC, St. Helena! - Outside Watch Vlog #24


Location: Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Latitude: -15.96000000
Longitude: -5.70000000
Published: 5 Nov 2022

We're back!!! We know it's been awhile since our last video but over the last couple of months we have had some big life changes (more on that in future videos) and really didn't have the time to edit. But, thats changing again and now we will be back to our regular bi-weekly videos! We still have so much amazing footage to edit and share.

In this video we finally get onshore in St Helena after a few days in quarantine and explore this unique gem of an Island. St Helena is a truly magical place with breathtaking scenery anywhere you look. We also decide to alter our sailing plans while here. Our original plan was to sail from St Helena to Angra Dos Reis in Brazil but challenging weather during the summer months had us change our minds and set our sights somewhere further north up the coast.

Thanks for watching!
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