We Crossed the ATLANTIC OCEAN! [...]
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Owner: Outside Watch - SV Skylark

We Crossed the ATLANTIC OCEAN!!! Hello Brazil! - Outside Watch Vlog #26


Location: South Atlantic Ocean
Latitude: -33.72000000
Longitude: -16.00000000
Published: 8 Mar 2023

We had spent the last several months in the remote islands of the south Atlantic. Our final passage across the Atlantic would take us from Ascension Island to Salvador, Brazil, the berth place of Carnival. The sail was our second longest to date at 1,450 nautical miles taking around 10 days. Conditions were everything from perfect to miserable and squally. Jen does an amazing job in the galley cooking for her A to Z Atlantic country themed cooking challenge. We just so happened to finish our last day in the Atlantic on Z.

We have now officially crossed two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. Arriving in South America felt like we were arriving in a whole new world.


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