Sailing remote Indonesia. Epic [...]
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Sailing remote Indonesia. Epic Sailing, Epic Waterfall. Ep 259


Location: Mojo Island
Latitude: -8.22000000
Longitude: 117.57000000
Published: 3 May 2024

An epic sail followed by an epic adventure in family. This is what life is all about. A 30nm sail in pretty calm seas with 15kts of wind is what makes my smile wide. Trade Runner gets along so well even though I was running a very conservative sail plan. Our destination was Moyo Island and its very famous yet totally unknowen Mata Jitu Waterfall. Not many people vist here as its on a pretty remote part of Sumbawa but its most famous visitor is Princess Diana, back in 1993. The locals have called it the "Princess Di" falls ever since. (La Vagabonde of YouTube fame also visited last year). Its a good old hike from the anchorage up to the waterfall and most will pay a local lad to drive them up on the back of a scooter but we need exercise so we legged it for nearly 2 hours. Our first land adventure with our young son, and we had few doubts about it but everything went so good. So worth it as the cold water swim felt amazing and we'd earned it !
We are so happy that Eli is strong enough that we can take him on these sorts of adventures aready.

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