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She wants to Sell the Boat!? Stormy night & COLLISION with a ship. Ep. 260


Location: Sulawesi
Latitude: -1.85000000
Longitude: 120.53000000
Published: 11 May 2024

Sailing full time can be very challenging! There is so much out of our control, so much that can go wrong. Marie is feeling pretty upset during a very rough crossing from Sumbawa to Sulawesi, wondering why we are even doing this. Our 5 month old son Eli is on her mind and the potential danger we are putting him in. Very valid thoughts for a parent to have.
Sailing full time can also be very rewarding! Being in amazing unique places and witnessing the amazing nature. The culture differences with the people we meet and our own learning along the way. Overcoming challenges and feeling stronger because of it.
Its such a fine balance.
How long will it last?

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