Shipwrecked on a reef in a gal [...]
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Shipwrecked on a reef in a gale! Ep255


Location: Lombok
Latitude: -8.65000000
Longitude: 116.32000000
Published: 29 Mar 2024

What a terrible night, stuck on a reef, wind howling and all alone! At 4am we were awakened by a super strong squall rolling over us. Within minutes our anchor had dragged and we were blown sideways onto a coral reef. In crazy wild condition we did what we could to free her but once we realised that there was no water coming aboard and we were in no immediate danger, we calmed down and thought logically about our situation.
Its the first time since becoming parents that we were faced with a situation that could really put our baby in danger. Scary!
We didnt get much footage during the actual "grounding" stage so we did a debrief the next morning, as much for ourselves as for you viewers. Here was discuss what we could have done to prevent the situation and discover that both of us found silver linings.

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