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Owner: Sailing Life on Jupiter

Mumby aluminum catamaran - Q & A - Building an aluminum performance cruising catamaran


Location: The Bahamas
Latitude: 25.03000000
Longitude: -77.40000000
Published: 7 May 2021

After releasing our videos on the Building and Fitting out of an aluminum performance cruising catamaran, we were inundated with questions and queries.
Here, we answer the most common of those questions.

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0:00 What Q's?
01:52 Q1. How come i can't find anything online or a website? - SPECS
07:14 Q2. Are they still making these boats?
08:30 Q3. How long would it take to finish?
09:18 Q4. Why did yours take 4 years?
09:27 Q5. What is the current price of this build?
10:02 Q6. Is the builder able to customize?
11:10 Q7. Are there any other sizes available?
12:12 Q8 What's with that wiring in the ceiling?
13:48 Q9 Hobby horsing?
15:37 Q10 How fast does it go? Do you have a polar diagram?
19:30 Q11 How do they make that fibreglass lining?
21:23 Q12 Can i use electric motors
22:00 Q13 Is there any electrical system requirements for an ally boat?
27:15 Q14 Is there anything you would differently?

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Jupiter² was built in the Philippines by an Australian designer for Jamie. During his time away from work, Jamie lived on board and cruised South East Asia. One of his life dreams is to sail around the world. His plans came together at the end of 2018 when he met a Filipina lounge singer in China. Princess was yearning for a vacation since she had been working many years to support her family. Finally, her siblings got their own jobs and she decided to join Jamie on Jupiter² and go sailing. It was a wild decision for her because she had never sailed before. For the first time, they sail for two weeks around Phuket, Thailand. She began to see what Jamie love about the sea. They both resigned from their jobs in early 2019 and began cruising full time.

Hopefully some inspiration to "Quit Job and Go Sailing".

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GoPro Hero 8
GoPro jaws flex clamp
GoPro 3-way camera stick & tripod mount
GoPro Dome
GoPro Polar Pro Filters
Iphone X- (dropped to sea Nov. 15)
Zoom H1N handy recorder
Boya BY-MM1 microphone
DJI Phantom 3 standard - (we crashed it recently 😂)
Software Editor : IMovie / Davinci Resolve 17
Laptop use for editing :
MacBook Pro 15inch Touch Bar 2017
MacBook Pro Retina 15inch 2015

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