Adventures on Hog Island in Gr [...]
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Adventures on Hog Island in Grenada | Sailing Life on Mars V5


Location: Grenada
Latitude: 12.12000000
Longitude: -61.68000000
Published: 22 Feb 2022

00:00 Intro
00:23 Bus ride with Shade-Man
01:17 Pier outside One Love Restaurant
02:13 Lunch at Spice Island Mall
03:08 Stamp crafts in the cockpit
04:29 Update on our plans
05:08 Epic dinghy ride
05:48 Hog Island
07:00 Shelley cries CRAB!
07:58 Kids play in sand
08:40 J'ouvert
09:24 Sails on

This week we go on a bus ride to town, visit the popular local hotspot known as Hog Island (a perfect little beach hideaway), and we have our sails put back on Mars! Shelley gets way too excited over seeing a cute little crab, get a quick glimpse at a Grenadian celebration (now known as J'ouvert), and hear an update on our current situation.

With very little sailing experience, we have much to learn and skills to acquire. Join us as we fumble through the early days of life as cruisers on our Knysna 440 sailing catamaran.

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