BAJA Mexico SAILING | Shipwrec [...]
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BAJA Mexico SAILING | Shipwrecks, Sea Lions, & Turtle Bay


Location: Bahía Tortugas
Latitude: 27.69000000
Longitude: -114.90000000
Published: 27 Apr 2024

Ah, that never-ending Pacific Ocean swell smashing into desolate coast lines with hardly any other boats in sight while sea lions rampage around your hull; This is what sailing to the Gulf of California is all about!

This episode was extra fun to put together as it allowed us to relive one of our favorite sections of the Baja west coast from Isla Benito to Punta Abreojos.

With bad or non-existent charting being the norm in this area, one must pay extra careful attention to their surroundings. While we thought the charting was bad around Isla Benito, approaching the southern end of Isla Cedros was next-level! This broad area was essentially uncharted, with only a few random soundings sparsely distributed throughout the area. Closer to shore, there were no official soundings at all. To travel safely through here, we had to keep an extremely sharp lookout, while constantly watching the depth sounder, and monitoring the user inputted soundings found in the "sonar" layer on Navionics. While these soundings were very helpful, just like the official government charts, they failed to show full on REEFS! Keep your head up!!

After a good night at the south end of Isla Cedros, we sail to Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay). As we enter the bay, we discuss the surprising sinking of a boat from the Baja Ha Ha Cruisers Rally. We check out the town, then depart for Punta Abreojos 50 miles to the south.

Here is a link to the Baja Ha Ha shipwreck story:

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