Sailing To MEXICO | Incredible [...]
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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Sailing To MEXICO | Incredible Wildlife In MONTEREY BAY


Location: Monterey
Latitude: 36.60000000
Longitude: -121.89000000
Published: 24 Feb 2024

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In this episode of Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde, we start out in front of the noisy Santa Cruz, with kids screaming on the rollercoaster, sea loins barking, and refracted Pacific Ocean swell keeping things noisy aboard the boat, too!

With fog banks lurking, we set sail for the rarely visited Moss Landing just 10 miles across the bay. Of all the fellow cruisers we have met along the way down the coast, not one other boat had stopped in this gem hidden in plain sight! While Moss Landing does not have the most aesthetically pleasing skyline, the spectacular Elkhorn Slough, miles of wonderful beaches, surge-free moorage, and the most incredible veggie market we’ve ever seen most certainly make up for it!

Once arriving in Moss Landing, we settle into the very welcoming Elkhorn Yacht Club. We check out the nearby beaches, do a dinghy assisted veggie market run, and then kayak into the Elkhorn Slough, which we are completely blown away by. On top of all the birds and seals, Trevor has a very close encounter with one of the many sea otters that forge in the area.

After our lovely stay in Moss Landing, we buzz across to the City of Monterey were we are again welcomed to a lovey yacht club, this time, The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. There we meet some awesome fellow sailors who welcome us as old friends and make our stay in Monterey exceed all our expectations.

Thanks so much for tuning in!