Hitting Logs & Swimming in a D [...]
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Hitting Logs & Swimming in a Diesel Spill | Sailing The Gulf Islands in Canada | SDOC | Ep. 43


Location: Gulf Islands
Latitude: 0.00000000
Longitude: 0.00000000
Published: 22 Oct 2023

It is not always sunshine and rainbows in the Gulf Islands, though most the time it is! In this one, we leave the San Juans behind and head up to Nanaimo, but not before running into a frustrating customs agent, a log, and diesel spill! We stop by Prevost Island and De Courcy Island, then through Dodd Narrows to Nanaimo. We smoke a waterlogged log that was hiding in the sun glare and waves, and while I go for a swim to inspect for damage, a diesel slick floats in! Gross!

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