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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Sailing The Remote Reaches of the Inside Passage | Ep.26 | Heavy Sailing On The BC Coast


Location: Campania Island
Latitude: 53.08000000
Longitude: -129.43000000
Published: 4 Mar 2023

Welcome back to Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde! In this one, we continue south down the "Inside/Outside" Passage along the edge of the feared and wisely respected Hecate Strait. While this area is not particularly far from the main route of the Inside Passage, it is a very different area; good winds, empty anchorages, and scraggily wind swept trees replace the fickle breezes, sometimes crowded bays, and towering cedar trees.

Immediately outside the beautifully protected Colby Bay we are greeted by a perfect breeze that brings us quickly to the awe-inspiring McMicking Inlet. We walk the specular white sand beaches on Campaina Island, show off our "formal" cruising outfits, and then I jabber on about the effects of all you can eat halibut! The next day we sail off the anchor then have a friendly race with SV/Violet Hour in increasing winds. The excellent winds drive us to a wonderful spot on Price Island, where we enjoy an evening beach walk and garbage clean up.

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