SAILING DOG TROUBLE just befor [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Cordelia



Location: Cabo Verde
Latitude: 16.54000000
Longitude: -23.04000000
Published: 3 Mar 2023

He is a SAILING DOG when he's on the boat, but off the boat he was DOG TROUBLE and it happened just before our FIRST ATLANTIC OCEAN CROSSING.

Our OUT OF CONTROL DOG causes us TROUBLE just a couple of hours before we are due to sail 2000nm.

Whist in Cape Verde we hook up with @SVCUBA, who we are going to BUDDY BOAT on our OCEAN CROSSING.

We get a glimpse of Africa and we realise we are definitely NOT in Europe.

What an amazingly colourful place Cape Verde is. The sights , sounds and smells are so very different to what we’ve experienced before. Best of all though is we have found SV CUBA, who turn out. to be just as mad as us.

We will not spend long in the Cape Verde Islands, but whilst we are here we have to stock up on perishables and we have to repair the Genoa again and this time fix the source of the problem.

We find the most amazing beach where we hope to see turtles, although this doesn’t turn out to be the afternoon we expect, watch and see why.
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