BAD NEWS if we mess this up! [...]
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BAD NEWS if we mess this up! SV Delos Ep 367


Location: San Blas Islands
Latitude: 9.57000000
Longitude: -78.79000000
Published: 13 May 2022

We decide to sail through a labyrinth of uncharted reefs while trying to explore a traditional Kuna Village! After weeks of exploring the outer islands we get word of a Kuna Independence Celebration, and apparently it's cool if we rock up and join the festivities. So we pull up the hook and set sail East to Isla Tigres, a Kuna Village of about 1,500 people. After a very sporty sail through a bunch of reefs we arrive to find the celebration starting early in the morning. It's a full on reenactment of the battle that gained the Kuna People their autonomy from the Panamanian government and a very interesting story. We learned a lot and hope you do too!

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