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BUCKET LIST- Welcome to the Pacific!!! (Panama Canal Part 2 of 2) SV Delos Ep 371


Location: Panama Canal
Latitude: 9.12000000
Longitude: -79.73000000
Published: 17 Jun 2022

Imagine being woken up by Howler Monkeys in the middle of a man-made lake in the Panama Canal, then going for a swim in the crocodile infested waters! In part 1 of our Panama Canal mini-series we learned how the incredible locking system raises gigantic ships, and small sailboats, to 85 feet above sea level. In this video we transit Lake Gatun, a manmade mega-lake created by damn that is an engineering feet in and of itself. We investigate the decision behind creating Lake Gatun, the immense proportions of the damn that holds back the Chagres River, and the incredibly challenge of the Culebra Cut which claimed the lives of so many. At the end of the day we successfully traverse the locks back down to sea-level and end up in THE PACIFIC Ocean!

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