We unlocked the secret to 🍑 BU [...]
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We unlocked the secret to 🍑 BURN FREE BUTTS 🍑 SV Delos Ep 374


Location: Isla Gómez
Latitude: 8.13000000
Longitude: -82.32000000
Published: 15 Jul 2022

Thanks to TotalBoat not only for sponsoring this video but for supplying us with the goods to keep our butts burn-free from now on! Check 'em out at totalboat.com and use the discount code "delos10" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase ⛵️

After nearly a decade of owning our dinghy Maggie, we've made almost no changes or upgrades to our set up because she is such an absolute beast. But her one slight downfall we've been coping with over the years is how incredibly hot she can get, causing our butts and feet to get practically scalded when the sun is cranking. So we finally decided to give Maggie a sexy new facelift and apply some Deck Tread from Total Boat to not only deal with the heat but to also provide some traction.

We also continue making moves north as we wave goodbye to the stunning Coiba National Park and head to our next Panamanian paradise: Isla Gomez. This is one of the coziest spots we've been in ages and we were completely blown away with how peaceful and beautiful it is. We had a bunch of Mahi in the freezer that we caught on our way out of Panama City, so we figured it was the perfect spot for a beach bon fire and a cook up!

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