The engine fails... AGAIN.... [...]
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Owner: SY Sirius

The engine fails... AGAIN.... - Episode 71


Location: Volkerak
Latitude: 0.00000000
Longitude: 0.00000000
Published: 2 Mar 2024

In this episode we try to sail from Sint Annaland to Willemstad. But little did we know that we would get into trubble the minute we crossed the lock. Engine failure again... Can Rob fix it this time? And how do we get to willemstad now?

Hello everyone!
We are Rob and Jouke and together with our boat cat Tijger we love sailing.
In 2013 we bought our first sailboat, a 9 meter kolibri named Sirius, to spend our weekends and holidays.
At first Sirius's home port was Aalsmeer, because we are connected to a sailing club in Aalsmeer and loved to spend our time there.
After a couple of years we wanted to be able to sail on bigger water without the hussle of all the bridges to get there. It was alway such a struggle to wait for bridges and hope to get through to Haarlem or Amsterdam.
So in 2021 we decided to move Sirius to Hellevoetsluis, situated at the beautiful Haringvliet.
The North Sea is only 1 lock away, so a whole new playground is at our disposal.
We envite you to join us on our trips and adventures and explore the beautiful waters of the Netherlands together.
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Music TRAILER: A Pale Horse – Wilsohn