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Spearfishing 101 - Learning to LIVE OFF THE OCEAN (Ep.158)


Location: Long Island
Latitude: 23.18000000
Longitude: -75.10000000
Published: 2 Apr 2023

Understanding the basics of spearfishing has allowed us to live off what we catch as often as we like. But it was this encounter with Dan @Adventureman_Dan where we quickly became friends and learned all about the basics of spearfishing. In this video, we hope you enjoy learning about different species of fish, what depths to start out spearfishing in, and where to look for fish. AND how to handle an aggressive shark!

Thanks and Credit to Dan for collaborating with us on this video! Sea ya soon.

SV Cadence
Long Island, Bahamas

Episode 158 Spearfishing Tips and Basics with Adverture Man Dan
00:00 Clarence Town Harbor
01:11 Quick Exhaust Repair
01:51 Spearing a Bar Jack
02:25 About Bar Jacks
03:12 Where to Find Fish
03:42 Spearfishing Mindset
04:11 Queen Triggerfish
04:30 Lemon Shark
04:50 Tiger Grouper and Reef Shark
05:15 Hogfish
06:05 Hunt Summary
06:30 How to Handle Aggressive Sharks
06:57 Dinner Aboard Cadence

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