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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

More boat work with a broken back | S4 E9


Location: Konidaris Boatyard Nidri
Latitude: 38.70000000
Longitude: 20.71000000
Published: 28 Apr 2024

Time marches on and we are still stuck in the yard. Working with a broken back is exhausting and painful. Thankfully the local community are rallying round to give us a hand.

These videos are now a couple of weeks behind real time as it has been impossible to work on the boat, launch, move out of the apartment and edit videos alongside managing my back. Something had to give so apologies for that. But we are back in the water now and settled. My back is much, much better and the pain is less each day so it's time to once again share what is happening with our friends.

This week Sandis comes to help prepare the hull for antifoul. Meanwhile Matt and Paul work on the P bracket and prob shaft alignment.

It is the start of the season here and these guys are working 14 hour days getting all the charter boats back in the water. Even so they still found time to help me out on what turned out to be far more complicated a job than I imagined. A HUGE shout out to them.

Paul @Hardiman Yacht Services

Vliho Yacht Club
Office: +302645029282
Mobile: +306976778963

Sail Ionian
(00 44) 800 321 38 00

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00:00 intro
00:43 day two working with a broken back
02:54 The power of YouTube
04:08 Cutting with a broken wrist and back
05:07 Another frustrating day
06:28 Gell putty
08:49 Bow thruster fail
12:05 Svetlana to the rescue
14:39 Three weeks since I broke my back - a summary