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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

The final push to get back in the water | S4 E10 4K


Location: Konidaris Boatyard Nidri
Latitude: 38.70000000
Longitude: 20.71000000
Published: 5 May 2024

We are on the home run. People have really come through to help us with getting the boat back into the water after my accident. We are very lucky to have an amazing community around us both online and in Lefkada. Watch as we put the final touches on before launch.

Matt from Sail Ionian and Paul from Hardiman Yacht Services fit our new P-bracket and align the prop shaft. Something that I realise I could never have done without their expertise. It is the start of the season here and these guys are working 14 hour days getting all the charter boats back in the water. Even so they still found time to help me out on what turned out to be far more complicated a job than I imagined. A HUGE shout out to them.

Nicos from Vliho Yacht Club makes spraying on our antifoul look easy and does a fantastic job. Major thanks to the Yacht Club for doing this for free. It really helped us out. I was not looking forward to doing it by hand.

If you are in need of any work on your boat and you are in the area I can strongly recommend all the companies that volunteered their help. The customer service, experience and attention to detail are second to none.

Paul @Hardiman Yacht Services - anything boat engineering

Vliho Yacht Club - boat charter and maintenance, also a great place to have things delivered
Office: +302645029282
Mobile: +306976778963

Sail Ionian - boat charter and sales
(00 44) 800 321 38 00

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00:00 intro
00:43 Someone pinched our ladder
01:10 Cutting and polishing
02:30 The final push
04:25 This is how the professionals do it
06:22 Antifoul done and dry fit of prop shaft
10:43 The new Hunter stickers look great
11:55 Engine jobs and earth bonding
14:39 Launch day minus 1 - Svetlana uses her socks
17:35 A big thank you to those who helped
18:54 Thanks for watching